Takata Airbag Recall Doubles in Size; Now Largest Recall in U.S. History

May 20, 2015

Back in February, we wrote about National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) tougher, more skeptical approach to car and truck makers and auto parts manufacturers. This new approach by incoming NHTSA Administrator, Mark Rosekind, replaced the largely deferential tack the agency had previously stuck with the companies it was charged with regulating. Under this new […]


How and Why Trains Derail

May 19, 2015

In the aftermath of the horrific Philadelphia Amtrak crash which occurred on May 12, 2015, the same question is on everyone’s mind: why did this disaster occur?  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) continues to search for the answer.  In order to better prevent these terrible tragedies from claiming more victims in the future, we […]


Types of Injuries Caused by the Amtrak Train 188 Derailment

May 18, 2015

By now, there are few who haven’t heard about the Amtrak Train 188 derailment that led to the deaths of eight train passengers and caused more than 200 injuries. While investigators are still looking into the exact cause of the crash, it is now known that the train was traveling at 106 mph before the […]


Self-Described Amtrak Engineers Discuss Possible Causes of Train 188 Derailment in Philadelphia

May 15, 2015

As the investigation into the Amtrak 188 derailment continues, engineers and other industry experts – some of whom claim to be employed by Amtrak – are weighing in on what could have caused Train 188 to derail so horrifically. On the forum, numerous comments have already accumulated in one Amtrak Unlimited forum dedicated to the […]


Pennsylvania Train Accidents from the 1950s to Today

May 15, 2015

In the aftermath of the Amtrak Train 188 derailment, many people understandably had questions about how such a horrific and tragic accident could occur. In the hours and days after the accident, many details were still unclear. In fact, some areas of inquiry remain unsettled as investigators sift through evidence and attempt to piece together […]


Could Positive Train Control Have Prevented the Amtrak Train 188 Derailment?

May 14, 2015

The efforts to expand of stretches of track equipped with the safety system known as “positive train control” (PTC) along Amtrak’s Northeast corridor began in earnest as early as 2009. In a March 2012, press release updating the public on the progress of the safety’s system expansion Amtrak President and CEO, Joe Boardman, was quoted […]


A Brief History of Pennsylvania Train Accidents – The First 100 Years

May 13, 2015

The May 12, 2015, derailment of Amtrak Train 188 in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia has spurred public interest into the history of train derailments in Pennsylvania. As the former home of the now-defunct Pennsylvania Railroad, the state of Pennsylvania has a long and rich history involving travel by rail that stretches back, at […]


Tractor-Trailer Kingpin & Fifth Wheel Defects can cause Catastrophic Injuries or Death

May 12, 2015

A tractor-trailer fifth wheel along with a kingpin provides the coupling link between the truck cab and the semi-trailer it will be hauling. Despite its name, the 5th wheel is a horseshoe-shaped coupling device while the kingpin is a, roughly, 2 inch to 3.5 diameter inch steel pin that is inserted into the center of […]


Highway Speed Limits Creep Upward, but are Regulators Considering the Commercial Truck Tire Blowout Risk?

May 5, 2015

Between 2009 and 2013, more than 14,000 fatal crashes involving heavy trucks commercial vehicles occurred. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) statistics, these crashes killed more than 15,000 people. Of these catastrophic accidents, tires factored into 198 of those crashes and 223 deaths. While tire blowouts may not represent the most prevalent cause […]


Maine Takes Steps to Regulate Hayrides & other Amusements after Deadly Accident

April 29, 2015

For years the regulation of farm hayrides to prevent accidents and injuries in Maine was handled by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. That is, it was handled by the Office until the provision authorizing it to do so was mistakenly jettisoned by the previous legislature. Since the authority to regulate was revoked, one of the […]

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