Fallen on a snowy or icy Pennsylvania sidewalk? You may be entitled to damages for your injuries.

December 18, 2014

For children and teens there is nothing quite like that first major snowfall of the year. The first snow often brings an unexpected day off from school and a day of carefree play in the freshly fallen snow. But for adults, the first snowfall of the year isn’t without its risks and drawbacks as snow […]


NHTSA Trucker Rest Rules to be Repealed; is Congress Gambling with your Safety?

December 16, 2014

Regulations and guidelines that restrict hours-of-service limits for commercial drivers are intended to reduce the risk of accidents by reducing the number of fatigued commercial drivers on the highways, freeways and local roads. These rules were developed based on traffic data and studies that had been conducted over a number of years. For instance, according to […]


Can Smart Cars Improve Highway Safety or will Hackers & Distractions Cause more Injuries?

December 11, 2014

Automaker’s are struggling to figure out what about the millennial generation has caused a shift in what was once considered to be the unshakable grip of American car culture.  In fact, according to a AAA study that analyzed data from 2007 to 2011, the percentage of cars purchased by buyers in the 18 to 34 […]


Beware of the Dangers at Hotel & Resort Swimming Pools on Your Holiday Getaway

December 3, 2014

As Christmas approaches, many families will gather for outings, reunions or outings at hotels, vacation homes or rental villas. It is common for these resorts and tourist destinations to entice prospective visitors to book by advertising luxurious amenities such as multiple swimming pools, water features, water slides, swim-up bars, cabana service, rainfall showers and more […]


Product Liability Actions to Face Tougher Road Due to New Legal Standard in Pennsylvania

November 25, 2014

At Reiff & Bily we are dedicated to fighting for those who are seriously injured due to the recklessness or carelessness of another person or company. Part of our commitment is expressed through informing Pennsylvanians of major changes to personal injury law in Pennsylvania that will affect their legal rights should they be seriously injured. […]


Sleeping Commercial Tractor-Trailer Driver Slams Into Stopped Cars in Berks County Killing 2

November 20, 2014

A multi-car accident on a dangerous stretch of Route 222 in Berk’s County, Pennsylvania has resulted in numerous injuries and the death by commercial truck of two area-residents. The accident reportedly occurred when the commercial truck driver, fifty-year-old Steven Bernier, fell asleep behind the wheel. According to Berks County D.A., John T. Adams, Bernier was […]


NHTSA Calls for Nationwide Takata Airbag Recall after New Incident

November 19, 2014

In yet the latest abrupt and sudden shift in regulatory approach and tactics, NHTSA is finally asking tough questions of Takata and auto manufacturers regarding its exploding airbag defect. Earlier this year regulators made similarly abrupt transitions from deferential treatment to a more stringent inquiry in the General Motors ignition switch recall and the unreported […]


GM Extends Filing Deadline for Compensation Fund, but did it Hide Ignition Switch Defect for Months?

November 18, 2014

GM and its top executives have stated time and time again that they had no knowledge of the ignition switch defect at the top-levels of the company prior to alerting NHTSA of the defect in February 2014. Rather, they claim that all knowledge of the defect remained at lower levels of the company including at the […]


How does NHTSA Assess the Safety of Child Car Seats & Restraints?

November 13, 2014

When a parent, grandparent or other caregiver purchase a child safety seat or a child restraint system for use in a car, truck or other vehicle, they expect to purchase a device that will keep their child safe and reduce the risk of serious injury or death. However, one can only make an informed choice […]


Takata secret tests revealed deadly airbags in 2004; Company hid results

November 12, 2014

According to former Takata employees that agreed to speak with the New York Times on the condition of anonymity, following reports in 2004 of an exploding airbag that launched shrapnel at a driver in Arkansas, the airbag manufacturer began secret testing. The clandestine testing was performed after-hours, on weekends and on holidays during the summer of […]

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