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Faith in Pennsylvania’s Amusement Park Safety Inspection System May be Misplaced

Pennsylvania has more registered amusement park rides than any other state in the nation with 9,300 registered as of 2013.  In recognition of this figure, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett boasted that safety of amusements is Pennsylvania was unparalleled.  However, such comments may be misplaced. Pennsylvania amusement and waterparks are required to file reports in which […]

Do Higher Temperatures Bring Greater Injury Risks?

As the memory of ice and snow fade, people are understandably excited to get outside and enjoy the warm weather.  While some head to spend a day at the Jersey Shore, others may set out on a road trip to Poconos or to a local amusement park.  Regardless of your destination, your goal is to shake-off […]

No Matter the Quality of a Bicycle Tire, Dry Rot Can Be an Unnoticed Killer

For close to five decades, I have been an avid bicyclist.  For the past three and a half decades, I have also been a bicycle accident and defective tire lawyer. This past weekend while inspecting a bicycle rim and bicycle tire prior to the first long bicycle ride of the season, I noticed a few […]

Concussions, Often Hard to Diagnose, Can be Detected and Treated

Anyone who has ever had a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) knows how upsetting and disabling this elusive type of injury can be. Symptoms are not obvious to friends, family, and teachers, who cannot “see” any difference, and therefore attribute changes in a person’s outlook, mood, or cognitive ability to imagination, mental illness, or laziness. […]

Product Recall is Becoming the New Reality for Manufacturers Around the World

The safety of consumers is non-negotiable and therefore, it is essential that manufacturers of products known to be defective must move swiftly or face robust consequences. For over 30 years as an attorney prosecuting product liability claims against manufacturers who placed defective products in the stream of commerce, I have witnessed the swinging of the […]

The Most Dangerous Places in America

For better or worse, life is a giant game of chance.  Regardless of who and where you are, there’s simply no such thing as a 100% guarantee against death or injury.  That said, some environments are more statistically prone to catastrophe than others.  In the same way an accountant faces fewer safety risks than a […]

When Speaking to an Insurance Company After an Accident, Don’t Assume that They are Your Friend

In many of the car and truck accident cases that I have handled since 1979, I am often called by the client after the client has given a damaging or inappropriate statement to an insurance company.  Many times, the unknowingly injured client will inadvertently give a statement which is extraordinarily damaging to an otherwise excellent […]

How to Make a Personal Injury Claim Against a Public Entity

There’s no easy way to recover from a serious accident.  The body takes time to heal and the process might knock you out of commission for weeks to months.  During that time, the clock on an all-important deadline can evaporate without you realizing its significance: the statute of limitations.  This rule is perhaps the most […]

Inventors Who Were Killed by Their Own Inventions

In matters of defective and dangerous products and product liability, we often think of the consumers as the primary victims — and in many cases, they are.  But inanimate objects do not (indeed cannot) discriminate, and sometimes their own inventors are the ones who are victimized.  In this blog entry, our personal injury attorneys revisit […]

GM’s Dirty Little Secret

When the American auto industry floundered in the wake of the 2008 stock market debacle, the country was worried. Cars, after all, are the hallmark of the American way of life, and—even though the big American car manufacturers were partly responsible for their downslide—sympathy abounded. The Big Three—General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler—were in trouble. Yet, […]

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