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Driver Assist Technologies are Revolutionizing the Concept of Driving and Accident Liability

When you sit and read about many of today’s new automobiles and watch the television commercials you cannot help but notice that the cars we knew many years ago bear very little resemblance to the cars of today.  Many of today’s vehicles offer sophisticated lane departure warnings, drowsiness alerts, automatic braking, active steering, adaptive cruise […]

What to do in the Wake of Suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury

Millions of people sustain a traumatic brain injuries each year. Yet the vast majority of individuals and organizations, including employers, health providers, and unfortunately many of my legal brethren are not adequately prepared to properly deal with the victims. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a unique condition where symptoms and signs can vary widely depending […]

The World’s Worst Man Made Accidents: Love Canal

So far, the entries in our “World’s Worst Man Made Accidents” blog series have focused on distant locations: Bhopal in India, and the Chernobyl site in Ukraine.  But when a tragedy hits physically close to home, it’s a stark reminder that man made catastrophes can arise anywhere — even in idyllic, small-town U.S.A.  In this entry, we’re shifting […]

The World’s Worst Man Made Accidents: Chernobyl

When you hear a phrase like “industrial accident,” “man made disaster,” or “nuclear spill,” a single, ominous word springs immediately to mind: Chernobyl.  Nearly 30 years have passed since history’s worst meltdown enraged, saddened, and horrified the world, yet the lingering effects of radiation — and human suffering — continue to plague the towns, cities, forests, and […]

Bucks County School Bus Driver Abandons Child in Bus

Bucks County Pennsylvania parents expressed outrage after it was revealed that a school bus driver left a child in a bus unattended. The incident occurred last Tuesday. The student was left in the car from about 9:30 a.m. until 12 p.m. The student was first treated by an on-site nurse but was later taken to […]

Six Flags Ninja Roller Coaster Update: Lawsuit Filed Over Head Injury

Last week we addressed reports that 22 people had been stranded and then subsequently rescued from a disabled Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coaster,  The Ninja. At the time of writing, details were still somewhat sparse, but over the course of the past week additional details have been revealed to the public. What Occurred at Six […]

Is the Fox Guarding the Henhouse When it Comes to Safety at Traveling Carnivals?

The American traveling carnival was born from the reckless entrepreneurship at the turn of the 20th century with traveling medicine shows and circus midways and has since evolved into the highlight of summer in many American towns. Traveling carnivals have become big business.  There are many traveling carnival companies with many different companies operating the […]

Senate Panel Inquiry Broadens Scope of its Investigation into GM Recalls

GM CEO Mary Barra has already faced questioning regarding the recent GM recalls including the massive ignition switch recall. She faced additional scrutiny during a Senate hearing on Thursday where the scope of the questioning by Senators expanded. Furthermore, observers correctly predicted a new and aggressive questioning of GM’s General Counsel, Michael Milikin, as the […]

Ford’s Fiery Pintos Lead to Injuries, Deaths, and Lawsuits

In 1970, the Ford Motor Company proudly debuted its newest addition to the family: the Pinto.  At first, the Pinto was famous for two reasons: it was small, and it was cheap. Marketed as costing just a dollar per pound, the Pinto’s compact 2,000 pound frame clocked in at a modest $2,000, making the car […]

Merck to Pay $100M in “Laughable” NuvaRing Settlement

Based in the United States, Merck is one of the largest and wealthiest pharmaceutical companies in the world.  In 2009, the company announced revenues of over $27 billion. Unfortunately, pushing for such huge profits sometimes means that safety and product testing fall by the wayside.  Merck has agreed to pay out $100 million to settle […]

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