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The Hillsborough Disaster: A Preventable Tragedy

The Hillsborough Disaster is perhaps not as well-known in the United States as it should be. However, that may be changing.  This spring, this terrible tragedy “celebrated” its solemn 25th anniversary, and a new inquest into the event’s 96 deaths will open during the summer of 2014. What caused nearly 100 innocent people to lose their […]

Harley Davidson Recalls More Than 66,000 Motorcycles During Peak Riding Season

Harley-Davidson Inc. announced a sweeping recall of 66,421 motorcycles due to problems with the anti-lock braking system. The recall is mostly focused on Harley-Davidson’s larger touring bikes that are equipped with anti-lock brakes. According to the recall documentation published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some motorcycles were assembled in a way that created […]

Schlitterbahn Park’s Record-Setting Verruckt Water Slide To Open July 10 – But at what Risk?

Whenever a one-of a kind or record-setting attraction opens, people often take notice. When the nature of the record dictates that the structure will rise to heights of nearly 169 feet – taller than the Statute of Liberty measured from its toes to the tip of the flames – people have no choice but to […]

22 People Rescued from Stranded Six Flags Magic Mountain Roller Coaster

Six Flags Magic Mountain, located in Santa Clarita, California, is the second most popular park in the Six Flags’ portfolio. From its fairly humble beginnings in the early 1970s the park has developed into a destination for thrill-seekers due to its elaborate roller coasters and other thrill rides. Up to roughly 2008, Six Flags Magic […]

100 Killed in Station Nightclub in Fourth Worst Fire in U.S. History

Few things evoke greater terror than fire, and for most people, being trapped inside a burning building is the ultimate nightmare scenario.  It’s also an avoidable scenario which never has to occur, so long as appropriate safety measures are always in place. Tragically, it was a total disregard for basic, life-saving building features which led to the infamous Station Nightclub […]

New Jersey Couple Sues Sesame Place for July 4th Knee Injury

Nearly two years ago a Palisades park woman suffered a serious knee injury at Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. The suit, filed in Philadelphia’s federal court, seeks to recover damages for the plaintiff’s injury. The suit demands about $150,000 in damages due to plaintiff’s pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and other alleged damages. […]

From June to July, Fireworks Cause Over 5,000 Injuries

Everyone knows that fireworks and firecrackers can be dangerous — just like everyone “knows” that the horror stories we often hear about will “never happen to them.”  The reality is, these holiday accessories cause deaths and numerous serious injuries every year, and no one is immune.  It’s important to understand the associated risks and hazards so that […]

Six New Vehicle Recalls Announced by GM; Compensation Fund for Ignitions Switch Victims Opened

GM announced six new recall campaigns affecting approximately 8.45 million vehicles. The vast majority of these new recalls, 8.2 million cars, are for the unintended ignition key rotation defect. Additionally GM opened its victim’s compensation fund linked to its initial ignition switch recall. According to reports by CNN, despite reports by GM engineers of the […]

The Most Dangerous Roads in America: Part 2

The vast majority of car crashes are caused by human error (this study cites numbers as high as 93%), but substandard road design can also contribute to deadly crashes, rollovers, and head-on collisions. Whether blind curves, sudden speed shifts, or excessive congestion is to blame, the end result is the same: injury, pain, and death.  We’ve already taken […]

Reiff & Bily Attorneys Win $995,200 Award in SeaWorld Injury Case

In recent years, popular marine attraction SeaWorld has been in and out of the news for allegations of animal mistreatment and substandard trainer safety protocols.  But in this case, the victim — and victor — was a park patron.  On Wednesday, attorneys Raymond Bily and Robert Szostak secured a $995,200 award for client Onix I. Agosto, Jr. […]

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