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An acquired brain injury generally only affects one portion of the brain.  However, it may also involve the entire brain.  A brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen, suffocation, water submersion, strangulation, hypoxia, drowning, asphyxiation, aspiration, toxic exposure, parasitic or fungal infections, tumors, ischemia, water on the brain, shunt failure, hydrocephalus, and encephalopathy is known as an acquired brain injury.

Many times, acquired brain injuries are due to submersion in water or carbon monoxide poisoning when the brain’s oxygen supply is deprived. This has been known to happen when a water skier loses consciousness after a ski accident or if there is a delay in emergency assistance during a choking or suffocation accident.  Depending on where the brain injury occurred, acquired brain injury can cause severe personality changes including memory deficits, paraplegia, quadriplegia, paralysis, and in many instances, death.

Symptoms of an acquired brain injury include, but are not limited to, deterioration of motor skills, deficiencies of sleep or appetite, concentration problems or issues, difficulties remembering or finding the right words, changes in temperament or behavior, lack of focus, or anxiety.  Many times an acquired brain injury can represent a career ending situation and victims and their families have a legal right to hold all wrongdoers legally accountable for the resulting economic and emotional losses that result in the inability to achieve life dreams.

The experienced injury lawyers of Reiff & Bily have spent over three decades representing generations of Philadelphians who have sustained acquired brain injuries and traumatic brain injuries and we understand the significant hurdles that victims and their families must overcome after acquiring a brain injury.  Our expert team of accident lawyers work with skilled experts, registered nurses, and doctor lawyers who have over 50 years of experience caring for brain injured individuals.  In many cases, we are also able to retain recoveries for the partners of injured spouses as well as their parents.

When you or a loved one have suffered a catastrophic life-altering injury, selecting a trusted and experienced law firm is essential. Reiff & Bily is a nationally recognized personal injury law firm experienced in handling traumatic brain injury cases. While every case is unique in its own right, our Philadelphia-based brain injury attorneys have obtained exceptional levels of compensation for our seriously injured clients. We are dedicated to helping people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries in accidents of all types.  We invite you to schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim and see how Reiff & Bily can advocate for the recovery you deserve.

Understanding the Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

The most frequent cause of traumatic brain injuries is an impact to the head that damages the brain or brain stem. There are two broad categories of head traumas: damage caused by a penetrating head injury that passes through the skull and those caused by a closed-head impact. A gunshot wound is perhaps the most dramatic, and yet, unfortunately all too common source of a penetrating head injury.  Meanwhile, motor vehicle accidents are likely the predominant cause of closed-head impact traumatic brain injuries. Other common causes of traumatic brain injuries include skiing accidents, falls from ladders, and sports injuries. Regardless of the cause of your brain injury, our attorneys can help.

We Understand the Pain and Suffering Endured by Victims of Head Injuries

When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, the type and extent of the injury depends on the areas of the brain that were damaged. People with traumatic brain injuries may exhibit symptoms including:

  • memory loss
  • full or partial paralysis
  • diminished cognitive function
  • communication problems
  • mood swings
  • fatigue
  • spine pain
  • neck pain
  • tingling
  • sensory loss

While some people do show marked improvement in their symptoms, many times these symptoms are permanent and life-changing. Unfortunately due to the nature of the injury, many brain injury victims may not recognize the full extent of their injuries until weeks or months after the injury.  As the full extent of injuries become clear, people who have suffered severe traumatic brain injuries may need to depend on family members or other caregivers to attend to their basic needs on a long-term basis. Even people displaying less severe symptoms may discover that a loss in coordination or impaired cognitive ability prevents them from performing their work at the same level as before their injury. Our experienced attorneys meticulously analyze your injuries and their impacts of your daily life to ensure that no grounds for recovery is overlooked.  Our assiduous review improves the likelihood of a large compensatory recovery. In circumstances where the responsible party showed disregard or malice, additional punitive damages may be available.   We aggressively litigate to secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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