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We Have Recovered Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for Our Clients

The law firm of Reiff & Bily have over three decades of legal experience and have successfully handled numerous cases from amusement park accidents to wrongful death. We are trial-seasoned attorneys that are not scared to take your case to the court room. Over our history, we have recovered hundreds of millions in awards for our clients. Below you can find descriptions of a representative sampling of cases we have successfully been involved with.


Over $1,500,000 for Medical Malpractice: Wrongly administered medication.


$4,000,000 Result: Surgical Malpractice (Trial)


Confidential 8 Figure Settlement: Motor vehicle rollover accident.


$1,250,000 Wrongful Death Recovery: For the estate of a woman who died after she was release from a city prison because she did not receive the proper medical care while incarcerated.


$1,100,000 Wrongful Death Settlement: Construction worker was killed when a steel beam fell off a forklift at construction site. Case settled at mediation for $1,100,000.


$1,600,000 Settlement: Our client slipped and fell, sustaining spinal injuries that required a laminectomy, a lumbar fusion, and an autograft of left iliac crest.


$800,000 Medical Malpractice Award: Jury awarded plaintiff damages after surgeon left 40 X 60 cm fabric towel in the abdomen after an exploratory laparotomy and the repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. The hospital was also a defendant in the medical malpractice lawsuit.


$1.25 million  Settlement: Premise Liability, negligence, slip and fall.  Client slipped and fell on an improperly maintained icy sidewalk.  Suit was brought against multiple parties including landlord, tenant, management company, maintenance company, and snow removal company.


$1,539,800 Medical Malpractice Verdict: Our client was injured when a laparotomy sponge was left inside her during a hysterectomy. The plaintiff sued her doctor and the hospital after the malpractice required another surgery to extricate the sponge.


$1,800,000 Settlement: In a slip and fall case our client sustained multiple herniated discs from slipping on a sidewalk outside a restaurant.


$990,000 Premises Liability Result: Client experienced a subdural hematoma and post-concussion syndrome when a building facade fell on him.


$960,000 Slip and Fall Awarded (Trial): Plaintiff was on crutches due to an ankle fracture. Fell on wet floor and suffered an aggravation of her ankle injury requiring total ankle reconstruction.


$940,000 Recovery: A premises liability plaintiff sustained bodily and head injuries after being struck by a collapsing building facade.


$990,000 Product Liability: Plaintiff decedent electrocuted while installing air conditioner in a window. Settled immediately prior to trial for $990,000.


$995,200 Award in SeaWorld Injury Case: Client experienced an ankle injury from a water slide at SeaWorld’s Sesame Place. Read more here.


$335,000 Product Liability: Plaintiff sustained tear of anterior cruciate ligament to his knee when an industrial scissor-lift he was operating fell after drifting into a small hole. Case settled at mediation for $335,000.


$1,450,000 Medical Malpractice Recovery: A woman with depression was referred to a psychiatrist by her HMO and was drugged and sexually assaulted by the doctor. Evidence revealed that the psychiatrist was not a licensed doctor and the health care facility never checked his credentials.


$1,675,000 Result: Intersection car accident resulting in dental fractures, pneumothorax injury, rib fractures, rotator cuff injuries, and closed head injury. Another lawyer assigned a maximum value of $200,000 to this case, $1,475,000 less than we were able to secure for our client.


$750,000 Car Accident Settlement: A husband and wife suffered serious injuries, including carpal tunnel, bulging discs, and cervical lumbar strain when their vehicle was rear-ended during an accident.


$750,000 Motor Auto Collision Result: Client sustained mild neuropsychological injuries and a herniated disc during auto crash.


$800,000 Recovery: A carpenter was hurt when the nail he was hammering chipped, causing a particle to enter his eye.


$775,000 Personal Injury Settlement: Furnace repair tech became trapped in still-hot industrial furnace when employee shut furnace door. Plaintiff suffered burns to 40% of his body. Settled prior to ruling on Motion for Summary Judgment. 


$650,000 Medical Negligence Settlement: Delayed diagnosis of breast cancer in a 32 year old woman. Settled immediately prior to trial for $650,000. 


$550,000 Construction Negligence Settlement: Three year old suffered severe burns to his arm and torso when he fell out of bed and landed on a baseboard heater. Case settled following jury selection.


$850,000 Product Liability: Action against manufacturer of 3-wheel all terrain vehicle. Plaintiff suffered a traumatic stroke resulting in partial paralysis. Settled immediately prior to trial for $850,000.


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