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Jeff – This note is only the beginning of the gratitude and respect I have for Reiff and Bily. Please trust that every word that I say in the attached letter is from the bottom of my heart and absolutely without any exaggeration on my part.I can say without a doubt that the members of your firm are the most professional, ethical, and expert legal team with whom I have the good fortune to be associated. I know that my case is not the largest or most important handled by Reiff and Bily, but I am always treated with the upmost respect and made to feel that my case is as important to you as it is to me.

Bob Szostak entered my case midway through and with speed, good humor and authoritative competence, he took charge and got my case resolved well beyond any reasonable expectation. I strongly consider Bob to be among that rare breed of exceptional and practical strategists; his diligence, and his wealth of knowledge about my injuries, the various insurance companies involved, and the judicial system resulted in a settlement that I truly believe a lesser lawyer simply could not have even approached.

Even with the often onerous situations that legal proceedings bring, I look forward to my continued association with Reiff and Bily and hope to see you soon. Denise and Gracie strongly contribute to these feelings as their continuous excellent work makes my part easy.

My best to you and your family. Enjoy the remainder of the summer.



I have known and worked on several cases with Jeffrey Reiff of the law firm of Reiff & Bily for almost ten years and I could not be more impressed. He is a fierce advocate for his clients always seeking maximum justice no matter the investment of time or amount of money. These things are essential in regularly achieving the outstanding results this firm regularly achieves. But the more important thing from my perspective, is the genuine care and compassion Jeffrey has for each person and family he represents . I would not hesitate to recommend Jeffrey and Reiff & Bily to anyone who is looking for a personal injury attorney. You could not go wrong!”Jeff Reiff is among the top personal injury lawyers in the country. He possesses a rare combination of intellect, skill, drive, and compassion. Some lawyers have one or more of these traits, but Jeff has them all. Jeff’s opponents know that he will take any case to trial to maximize the recovery for his clients. He knows how to win cases. I would go to Jeff Reiff if I needed a lawyer.

All the Best,

– Jennifer Cantrell

“Jeff Reiff is among the top personal injury lawyers in the country. He possesses a rare combination of intellect, skill, drive, and compassion. Some lawyers have one or more of these traits, but Jeff has them all. Jeff’s opponents know that he will take any case to trial to maximize the recovery for his clients. He knows how to win cases. I would go to Jeff Reiff if I needed a lawyer.”

– Ari Casper, Attorney

“Sometimes by the book and sometimes off the cuff, he was always a true professional and very effective. When something goes wrong, it’s nice to know someone is able to get you some justice.”

– A client who suffered a car accident

“Hey Jeff,
You are an olympic marksman when it comes to getting the right thing done efficiently! My mind is at least sorted out at this point. Hoping the issue will be resolved in the same amount of time. Thanks again.”

– A former client

“Dear Mr. Reiff:
I wanted to thank you and your entire staff for basically saving and changing my life and giving me a new start on everything. After my nightmarish accident, as I lay being diagnosed with brain damage in a hospital and rehab center, I did not know who to turn to. Thankfully one of your past clients recommended me to you and you were able to confidentially guide me and my family to a successful outcome beyond my dreams. You took time out of your busy schedule to meet with me many times in the hospital, rehab center, and at home and took a deep interest in the care of my children and looked after my husband during this troubling time. I now understand why you continue to receive the highest ratings as an attorney and are listed among the top trial lawyers in America and Philadelphia.On behalf of myself and my entire family, I wish to thank you and your staff for everything you have done. I know that you are very passionate and loyal to your job and others which is a great quality to have, and I surely look up to you. I know that you are golden to lots of people and your friends and clients are lucky to know you. Withstanding the continued tributes you do, I know that you are a kind and caring soul and do such good for others. I can tell your heart is definitely in the right place. I appreciate all of your trying efforts for us. I feel as if I met a real friend. Thank you for being a believer. Best wishes,”
– AK

“Dear Mr. Reiff:I remember when there was a time when another lawyer wanted to back out of my case and you told me not to worry, that everything would be okay. Thanks for that, otherwise I don’t know where my case would be. You and your staff were amazing and reached a result beyond my dreams. I will donate 10% of the money that I recovered to people in need and animal shelters. Then I would like to invite you and your entire staff to dinner at a restaurant and I want to thank everyone who participated in helping me achieve a successful result. Simply stated, you and your staff were the best!Thank you for representing me and taking time to read my note of appreciation and thanks.”- JNC

“We don’t have the words to show the full extent of our gratitude for Jeffrey Reiff.  Whether it was fate or luck that let our paths cross, Mr. Reiff saved us. With the relief that we were originally promised by another attorney, we literally thought that our lives were over. Thankfully Mr. Reiff took over our case, as without him we don’t know where we would be right now… I don’t even want to think about it. Mr. Reiff and his office were able to help us throughout the whole ordeal—they took care of everything.  Again, I lack the words to say just how grateful we are for everything that he and the staff and Reiff and Bily did for us.

I owe you my life.”

– Irina

“I have had two cases with this law firm. One was for my son who was struck by a car and broke his leg which affected his growth plate and the other case was for myself when I was stopped  at a red light and got hit head on by another vehicle.   Both incidents were very dramatic as I had never had an accident before or ever needed a lawyer in the past for anything.

My friend recommend me to Reiff & Bily. The attorneys and staff made me feel very comfortable.  I was so relieved when I started to meet and work with them all.   They are very personable and accommodating  and most of all very knowledgeable and experienced in the law.  Both cases were handled professionally and very timely. They made sure all the medicals bills were paid so I didn’t have to worry about medical bills after the fact.

I must say Jeff Reiff is a superior attorney and Denise Cashman his paralegal is such as asset to this firm.  She also is very knowledgeable and proficient in her work. She is Jeff’s right hand.  Both have always gotten back to me either the same day or the very next day.  Their work is like second nature to them. I knew I was in good hands. They streamlined everything for me. I was actually dreading the process but after working with this law firm, they put all my fears and worries to rest.

It’s good to have an attorney who is honest and does the right thing. He is all about justice.  Never once did I feel I didn’t agree with them. Everything they said made a lot of sense. I feel they have integrity and stand by their word.

Thank you so much for representing me.”

– B. E.

“Thank you for your sage advice and mostly for calming us down during our Ahysterical phases@ of the legal process. We appreciate all you have done for us and are assured that the good you do for others comes back to you.”

– M

“I want to thank all of you so very much and let you know how very much I appreciate everything that Jeffrey Reiff and his staff have done to diligently work on my legal case. You and your staff are amazing and have gone way beyond expectations. I repeatedly tell myself that everything good in life has to do with blessing and I feel blessed to have the good people such as Jeffrey Reiff and the staff at Reiff and Bily in my life as my good attorneys representing myself and family. I promised myself that 10% of what recovery comes from this case will be used as a dedication to a good charity in the name of your and your law firm. Money comes and money goes and thank you God that I am still alive and have hired great attorneys to represent me.”

– JC

“My daughter and I were in a serious car accident last year hit by a drunken driver. After consulting with a few attorneys, I retained the services of Reiff and Bily after being referred by another client that they represented. I was very glad with my decision. I was able to speak with Mr. Reiff whenever I need to. His excellent secretary and paralegal Denise Cashman and Colleen Barnes were always available to address any and all concerns in an expedited manner. I would refer this law firm to anyone who is looking for professional services when you the client are a priority.”


– T. Miller

“I am a single parent and have been previously misrepresented by other attorney’s for me and my son. I almost lost my son in a car accident at no fault of his own. I cried, prayed and prayed for help… I am so grateful to Jeffrey and his staff, my prayers were answered. I was very concerned at first, if I could trust another attorney. But WOW ! Tremendous, a true professional all the way. He genuinely has passion and commitment in what he does. He is very knowledgeable, efficient, and always in my corner. I felt 100% comfortable and in “good hands” the first day I met him. He was with me and for me and my son all the way. Very proficient in his field, and you can see that he loves to help his clients, He really, really cares. I was very impressed with him and his staff the first day I met them all. Mr. Reiff was right on my case, taking action the first day I met him and I am very hard to impress. I will tell and recommend him to anyone. Another thing , he kept me informed of what was going on. I am a go getter and I like his style. God bless him and his staff for really looking out for us.”

“I want to thank the best attorney I have ever known, Jeffrey Reiff, for the hard work and great result that he did for my case. He convinced me to hang in there when I was at wits end and the going got tough and as always, he was true and accurate in his representations. The lawyers at Reiff and Bily work hard for their clients and make everything understandable and explained every last detail until you understand it. I always felt comfortable with Mr. Reiff and his staff and I want to tell all of my friends, co-workers and everyone who needs a lawyer about this firm. Jeffrey Reiff has been my attorney since I was a little girl and he also represented my entire family. Always there for us and always a job well done.

Thank you for another job well done.”

– Dionne H.

“Once again we would like to thank you for your time and the attention to our case that you displayed throughout. We know that your hard work was heartfelt and we are grateful that you were able to right a wrong and represent us wholly. We are finally moving forward and it’s a wonderful feeling to have this behind us.”

Be well.

– MK and BK

“I have had the privilege of watching Jeffrey Reiff work on cases firsthand. He is not only an excellent advocate who gets top dollar for his client but an ethical lawyer as well. He has a brilliant mind that I am privileged to have seen up close. I strongly recommend that anyone looking for a top notch personal injury lawyer use this firm. I endorse this lawyer’s work.”

-John Morelli, Esq.

“Thanks Mr. Reiff,
I really appreciate your help and concern…its good to know there are great people in the world like you.
Thanks again and God Bless.”


“You have been a great source of strength in this storm. I know I have thanked you as we have been involved in the evolution of the case and I want you to know how sincerely I appreciate your generosity to my mother.

We both know now that the final years of her life are forever changed due to her newly limited activity level. She fully accepts her situation and the support of her family and friends. Your support to ensure that her financial needs will be met is an enormous contribution to her view of the future.

Regardless of the outcome of this case, please know that your visits to Florida and your support of my mother have brought both of us peace of mind that is valuable beyond measure.”


“My sincerest thanks for an outstanding result and job well done. Your efforts  resulted in an amount that was a lot for me. Thanks to everyone at your law firm for all of their help and support.”


“Dear Mr. Reiff:

Your thoughtfulness and caring for our situation will always be remembered.

Thank you and your support staff for your diligence and outstanding help.


– Dana V.

“Dear Reiff and Bily:

In 2004 I had a serious car accident that left me in much pain and suffering. A friend of my husband’s introduced me to a “high shot lawyer” in Norristown. I gave him my case and that was the last time I heard from him. Each time I called him pertaining to my case and left a message he did not return my phone calls and two years pasted with no response. I became quite frustrated and a friend of mine who had used your firm in the past told me about Reiff and Bily and after one phone call we had a meeting and I felt very comfortable with you handling my case. I trusted you and your staff and was confident that I would have quality representation and in less than one year after you took my case, it was resolved for a figure well beyond my imagination.

I want to say a special thanks for being the kind of attorneys you are with your go get them and solve attitude. You are very aggressive and returned all of my phone calls. I feel privileged to have you as my lawyer, helping me win my case. You convinced me not to settle my case and to try my case and your advice was excellent.

Be assured that I will not delay in telling others why Reiff and Bily should be contacted. If anybody has been looking for an aggressive and exceptionally good lawyer that they can feel comfortable with, you are the one to contact. You gave me exceptional good value and this thank you is for you. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

– M. Edwards

“Dear Jeff:

Quick, Painless and Efficient!

You did a superb job in representing my interests. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of personal injury counsel.”

– Michael and Carlene

“Dear Mr. Reiff:

This is a small gift to show our appreciation for all that you have done for our family. We were fortunate to have you as our lawyer and now friend in our time of need. You were always there for us even on weekends, holidays and evenings and will forever be fondly remembered by our family.”

– Harold and Margaret


People like you make a difference to everyone who depends on you. A heart felt thank you for all you have done for my family. I hope that you and your staff are doing well and I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to others in need.”

– C.B.

“I would like to thank Reiff and Bily for an excellent job handling my case from beginning to end. It has been a pleasure working with the staff. Their professionalism is outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a lawyer. They are honest nice folks who do an excellent job recovering losses and damages.”

– K.L.

“The lawyers at Reiff and Bily worked day and night on my case until it was settled 2 years later.”

– M.M.

“I admire how professional and understanding the entire staff at Reiff and Bily were. They got a result in my case that others wouldn’t have. They know all the law and are not afraid of the insurance companies and will fight until the last dollar.”

– D.R.

“These guys are great.”

– R.G.

“The insurance company and my previous lawyer wanted me to accept $3,000 for what they told me was a minimal claim. However Reiff and Bily got me over $100,000.”

– G.T.

“These lawyers have been representing my family over 20 years. They are like family to me. They have always delivered.”

– J.E.

“Dear Jeff and Ray,

I want to thank you and your staff for the kindness and compassion and professionalism that you demonstrated while handling my case. I know at times I may have been a difficult client but you and your staff always found a way to make me feel comfortable and confident. May God bless all of you. Thank you so much”

“Dear Jeff and Ray,

You guys are the best. Thanks for changing my life.”

– T.T.

“Dear Jeffrey

Thank you for being my lawyer and now friend. The loss of my child and the guiding star of my life made me lose faith in all. You were always there for me and I appreciate your friendship. You have made the unbearable bearable and showed me how hope, love and faith can conquer the darkest days.”

“As you have been my mother’s steadfast advocate in her legal case, I am grateful to have the opportunities to be your advocate on the lawyer review website & on your law firm’s website. With great respect, I sincerely admire and appreciate your talents & advice. Thank you for taking my mother’s case and successfully representing her legal interests with such patience, compassion, and tenacity resulting in the best possible outcome. You will not be denied….I love that part!.”

– With much appreciation. Joann

“Entering into an agreement or contract can be quite frustrating, especially when you aren’t an attorney and can’t make sense of confusing or ambiguous verbiage. On two occasions Mr. Reiff took the time to go over contract issues and protected me from making uninformed decisions. I highly recommend Jeffrey Reiff.”

– Steve

“Simply the Best !!! Tremendous !!!! I would recommend to everyone !!! Ten Stars !!!! Jeff is professional , thorough, and very responsible. He has a genuine passion and commitment to each case.

Jeffrey Reiff was my attorney a few years ago when I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I was rear-ended by another driver and I sustained multiple injuries. Jeff alleviated my anxiety and made sure I received the proper medical treatment. He is knowledgeable, efficient and caring and always in his clients corner. I would highly recommend Jeff Reiff to anyone looking for a qualified attorney who gets down to business, is proficient in his field, and enjoys helping his clients.

I endorse and thank Jeffrey Reiff and his staff for taking care of my elderly mother and family during a difficult time.

My mother sustained life threatening injuries and permanent disabilities as a result of a serious accident with a large truck. She was helicoptered to a hospital in critical condition and we had limited knowledge of the legal system and her rights. She required extensive medical care and will require much care and support for the balance of her life. Mr Reiff and his staff were available to us 24/7 and he worried about my mother like he was her son. We consider him a new member of our family and he achieved a result well beyond our expectations and I know that mom and the rest of my family will not have to worry about her financial and medical needs for the remainder of her life. Even when the case was finished he remains committed to our family’s well being. Thank goodness that there are lawyers like this who care. I also want to thank his assistants and paralegals Denise and Garry for their concerns, support, honesty, patience, and follow up. I know that sometimes I was a difficult and demanding client, but you were always polite and responsive and nothing was too much to ask. I recommend this firm to anyone who wants an honest, committed, responsive and passionate lawyer.

I was in a car hit by another car. This accident has involved a law suite that has taken 2 years to resolve. Mr Reiff has been directly available every moment of this case and has provided peace of mind and confidence in very difficult situations. Mr. Reiff’s knowledge of the law, his determination to stand up for justice, and his compassion, have brought this case to the best possible conclusion. With full confidence, and with great respect and appreciation for his commitment to his clients, I highly recommend Mr. Reiff”

– Bette

“Jeffrey Reiff represented me following a car accident for which I was not at fault. He helped me through a difficult and challenging time and protected the interests of my husband and myself in a supportive and helpful manner. He explained things to me that I might not have understood on my own and encouraged me when I felt overwhelmed. I required surgery following my accident and Jeffrey was there for us making sure that all of our needs were met. Our case was settled in a timely and very satisfactory manner. We recommend him with total confidence.”

– Marcia

“I used Mr. Reiff when I was badly hurt in a car accident. Dealing with him and his law firm was a pleasure. Very responsive and they got me a great settlement”

– Laquisha

“The team at Reiff and Bily are outstanding! It was an honor to have such a devoted professional team represent my mother for the personal injuries she sustained while in Philadelphia. Everyone we dealt with at Reiff and Bily proved to be honest, compassionate, and dedicated to seeing justice served.

After returning home to Texas, Colleen continuously called to keep me updated on the status of our case as things progressed. I knew that the Reiff and Bily team was working extremely hard gathering all the facts and networking with their team of experts to ensure my mother was represented with utmost integrity. I appreciate Colleen for her paralegal expertise, her encouragement, and her friendship.

What has been a life-altering experience for my mother and I, has also been an epiphany–discovering that REAL lawyers actually do exist. Jeffrey Reiff and Ray Bily are “Super Lawyers”, in every sense of the word. Reiff and Bily competently exceeded my expectations and my mother’s case settled much to our satisfaction. I will be forever grateful. It has truly been an honor to know Jeffrey and Ray.

I sincerely believe that anyone in need of legal representation should contact Jeffrey Reiff. I know the dedication and hard work Reiff and Bily devoted to my mother’s case is equally given to every individual client. Thanks for going the distance!”

With gratitude and love to all,

– Linda Baxter on behalf of Hazel Volk

“Jeff, it goes without saying or the “official” badge, that you are truly are a super lawyer. I would trust my family and friends to be in your care. You are an old fashioned lawyer with a modern twist– a delightful combination…. the real deal.”- The Honorable Geoffrey Dlin (ret.)