Yes, you can afford Award-Winning personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania

Our “contingency fee” agreement means you pay nothing up front, ever

Lots of people worry that they can’t afford to hire a lawyer to represent them because it will be too expensive. And many law firms do charge very high hourly rates, or even ask for big retainers up front. But Reiff & Bily wants to make sure that people who need our services will be able to afford them. So we provide our services under a “contingency fee” agreement.

Our agreement with clients is called “contingency fee plus court costs and expenses”. This means that we keep a percentage of any award we gain for you, plus what we invested in your case. You pay us nothing up front. We are paid only when we get an award for you. In the very rare case when we are unable to find a solution, you don’t pay us back for any of it. Not even the expenses.

So it’s no risk to you to hire a legal team with decades of experience to represent you for your severe injury case.

Why contingency is a good idea

Contingency means that anyone with an important legal claim can afford our firm. So big corporations and rich insurance companies can’t bully regular people in the courts. If you’ve been severely injured, you need a strong  and experienced advocate in your corner from the start. With Reiff & Bily, you have one.

Contingency also means that we’re in the case together with you. Since we are only paid if we win, we work very hard to win. We’re also motivated to get the highest possible award for your case.

Finally, it means that our law firm—not you, the injured individual—takes the financial risks. If we don’t win, you still don’t pay us for anything, even your court costs.

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We know that hiring a big, fancy law firm with an hourly fee or retainer would be hard for anyone. When you’re dealing with injuries, the loss of a breadwinner, and lots of medical bills, it would be impossible. If you or someone in your family has been severely injured, you deserve great lawyers to win you the compensation you deserve. Give us a call right now. A lawyer from our firm answers 24 hours a day, and the call and advice is free. You have nothing to lose and you can make an educated decision.

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We take pride in helping “regular people” win against giant corporations

One reason we really like the contingency fee is that anyone can afford to use our services. That means you have a fighting chance against a large motor company, or drug company, or hotel chain. Otherwise, they would have a big advantage, thanks to their large staff of in-house lawyers.

The other thing we like is that if we don’t win, we don’t get paid at all. So we work very, very hard to win—and we win close to every case we take. It keeps us honest and hardworking. And we like that a lot.

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