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Defective Products

The legal area known as product liability protects all consumers from harm caused to them by any product sold in the United States. This area is a general legal area covering many specific products, the ways in which they are manufactured and marketed, and the ways in which these products are legally used by consumers. In Pennsylvania, consumers are protected by what is known as “strict product liability.” This means that the responsibility for the consumer’s safety lies with the maker of the product that caused the harm.

Consumers have the right to expect that the products they purchase are safe for use or consumption. Faulty or dangerous products can seriously injure or kill innocent victims of all ages. If a dangerous or defective product has harmed you, Reiff & Bily can investigate what caused your injuries and which parties are responsible under Pennsylvania law. Our PA product recall attorneys may be able to recover compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and other related costs. In some cases consumers file a product liability lawsuit even if they haven’t been injured but just to ensure that others aren’t harmed, from an obviously harmful product, in the future.

Responsibility regarding products lies with each company or individual that had a part in making it a consumer good. That means that the manufacturer, the designer, the seller, the marketer and many others may all have some responsibility in ensuring that their product does not harm consumers. By Pennsylvania law a product must meet certain consumer safety requirements when being used in a lawful and normal manner.

Product liability claims typically fall within three categories: manufacturing defects, design defects, and failures to warn.

Manufacturing defects occur when products differ from the intended design and the defect causes bodily injuries or death. For example, if a manufacturer of packaged foods permits bacteria, glass or other contaminants to spoil its products, a consumer that is sickened by the product may have a manufacturing defect claim.

Design defects occur when products present a safety hazard as designed, such as when a circular saw lacks a safety guard.

Failures to warn occur when the manufacturer does not provide adequate warnings or instructions to caution the consumer of a known danger.

Product liability cases present complex and challenging issues. First, the plaintiff must prove that a product was defective. Next, the plaintiff must show that the defect caused the plaintiff’s injuries. This requires a thorough investigation and the retention of experts. The plaintiff then must establish that he or she used the product in a reasonable manner. Our product liability attorneys possess the skills and resources to fully investigate and prepare your case. Let us seek the maximum compensation allowed on your behalf.

Product liability cases can involve a broad variety of products:

  • Defective cars and car parts, including faulty seat belts, brakes, air bags, and tires
  • Dangerous toys, including toys with lead paint and small magnetic pieces
  • Faulty electrical products
  • Malfunctioning elevators and escalators
  • Defective household appliances
  • Defective medical devices, such as pacemakers
  • Dangerous prescription drugs, cough and cold medications, and dietary supplements.

Under Pennsylvania’s product liability laws the manufacturer and supplier essentially guarantee a product’s safety once it is on the market and being used by consumers. They are also liable for any injuries or deaths that occur from their product. Many times they are even liable if the product was being used in the way it was supposed to be. Under the laws the coverage of intended use extends to any potential for misuse as well as normal use of the products.

All products which may reasonably cause some harm when used in certain ways must have clearly labeled warnings and may also have restrictions regarding its sale. The failure of providing these warnings or the absence of the warnings constitutes a defective product as well, even if the product was being used in a normal manner. Because the laws surrounding product liability in Pennsylvania are so complex, it is often a good idea to contact an experienced law firm if you or someone you love has been injured. Contacting a Pennsylvania product liability attorney can help you, even if you believe the product was not wholly at fault for the injury or death.

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Product Liability Case Results

  • Confidential Products Liability Recovery: Plaintiff suffered second-degree burns on upper torso because the cooling system in his motor vehicle erupted violently. The defective products case was filed against auto manufacturer.
  • $990,000 Product Liability: Plaintiff decedent electrocuted while installing air conditioner in a window. Settled immediately prior to trial for $990,000.
  • $850,000 Product Liability: Product liability action against manufacturer of 3-wheel all terrain vehicle. Plaintiff suffered a traumatic stroke resulting in partial paralysis. Settled immediately prior to trial for $850,000.
  • $335,000 Product Liability: Plaintiff sustained tear of anterior cruciate ligament to his knee when an industrial scissor-lift he was operating fell after drifting into a small hole. Case settled at mediation for $335,000.
  • $78,500 Recovery: Woman using cosmetic cream that doesn’t come with directions or the proper warning sustains skin burns under her eyes.

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