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We prepare people to be on the witness stand, so they are confident. We make sure the facts are clear, powerful and sharp. Facts tell the story.

Confidential multi-million dollar settlement

Automobile accident traumatic brain injury

The Reiff & Bily difference

Our client was traveling in his personal vehicle on a highway when another vehicle collided with his car. He was taken in for medical treatment and then attended several sessions of physical therapy. Over the course of these medical visits and interviews, treating physicians began to suspect that the client had suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) causing a mild cognitive deficit.  Unfortunately, this initial diagnosis of a mild injury failed to capture its true severity including its cognitive, behavioral, and emotional deficits.

When our client came to us for help, he was frustrated with not only his inability to work and do the things that he used to love, but also his lack of a medical diagnosis that captured the true extent of his impairments. Furthermore, opposing counsel was primed to argue that no neurological injury or dysfunction occurred during the accident and claimed that the client merely sustained an aggravation of  pre-existing soft tissue injuries or was suffering from a temporary post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Reiff & Bily attorneys worked with the client by having him meet with nationally recognized neurological and cognitive impairment specialists, vocational rehabilitation specialists, occupational therapists, and other medical experts.  Through working with these nationally recognized medical professionals our attorneys were able to demonstrate that the client had suffered a traumatic brain injury with cognitive, behavioral, and emotional deficits including an attention deficit, executive functions deficit, and a bilateral deficit of sequential motor organization resulting in cerebral dysfunction that affected cognition, emotions, and other aspects of his behavior.

To address the contention that the accident did not produce the injury Reiff & Bily attorney worked with the assistance of accident reconstruction and bio-mechanical specialists to reconstruct the accident utilizing an array of modern methodologies. Reconstruction specialists then performed a bio-mechanical analysis of the forces involved and applied this analysis to the accident reconstruction. Through working with these experts, our attorneys showed that the forces present in the accident caused the TBI and its impairments.

Despite an initial diagnosis of a mild injury and defense experts lined-up and ready to testify that no injury had occurred, Reiff & Bily attorneys were able to marshal the evidence to demonstrate life-altering, catastrophic, and permanent traumatic brain injuries. By showing that a severe brain injury had occurred and that its cause was the automobile accident, our attorneys were able to secure a confidential multi-million dollar settlement in a case that other attorneys valued at significantly less than six figures. Our attorneys negotiated the settlement to fully account for the client’s and his wife’s needs by including damages to compensate for lost past wages, future lost wages due to an inability to work, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain & suffering.

Confidential high 8-figure settlement

Motor vehicle rollover accident

The Reiff & Bily difference
Several lawyers turned down this case. We couldn’t walk away from the suffering of these victims. We took time to research the accident history of this particular type of vehicle and found it was involved in a very high number of similar crashes.

We found the hidden memos and evidence that they went to great lengths to conceal. It showed the company knew about several major engineering problems—and had failed to make the inexpensive changes that would have saved lives. The company settled for multiple 8 figures.

$ 5.7 million

Brain injury caused during radiographic procedure

The Reiff & Bily difference
The patient goes into the diagnostic procedure expecting to get help and answers. Instead, life-altering brain damage occurs. The client required a lifetime of special care; the family was left with shattered hopes and dreams.

By diving deeply into the case, we discovered that a record had been changed…implying a coverup of medical error.

$ Multi-million dollar confidential result

Commercial bus accident

The Reiff & Bily Difference
Many passengers were killed and injured in this crash, which involved a bus that was off-route, a tired driver and other problems. Beyond the bus company’s commercial policy, we went on to discover a product liability issue as well, multiplying the avenues of recovery (the size of the awards) for our clients.

$ Seven-figure negotiation

Wrongful death; exploding gas tank

The Reiff & Bily difference
In preparing this case for trial, we discovered documents that showed the manufacturer knew about a serious engineering fault, yet continued to make and market the product—for decades. We discovered the memos that showed their cynical decision-making. The company agreed to a very high compensation for our client’s family, but required confidentiality.

$ 1,000,000


The Reiff & Bily difference
Our client was badly injured, including head trauma, when his bike suddenly broke while he was coasting down a steep hill. Five other firms turned this one down, because they didn’t know how to show exactly what caused the bike to fail—the crash had of course further damaged the bike.

But we worked with several well-regarded mechanical engineers to uncover the truth: a poorly-assembled bolt had dropped out and caused the fender to interfere with the rear wheel at full speed.


Motorcycle accident

The Reiff & Bily difference
Product liability, lighting, insurances


Highway design auto rollover

The Reiff & Bily difference
Our client lost control of his car on a high bridge, plunging hundreds of feet to the ground and breaking virtually every bone in his body.

Our aggressive investigation found that the accident was caused by a combination of serious problems. In addition to his insurance, we recovered compensation from the auto manufacturer and the state for issues with the highway, bridge safety, and lighting.


Wrongful death by product defect

The Reiff & Bily difference
The client’s husband bought a window air conditioner to get ready for summer. But when he went to install it, a defect caused electrocution, and he died. We prepared a tight product-liability case. The manufacturer settled immediately before the trial.

$1.675 million

Automobile accident

The Reiff & Bily difference
Another lawyer told our client that the maximum value of their claim was $200,000. We found that he had many subtle but critical impairments of his thinking that added up to serious brain injury. The jury agreed.

$1.450 million

Medical malpractice

The Reiff & Bily difference
A woman was referred by her HMO to a psychiatrist to treat depression. She was drugged and sexually assaulted, and eventually stalked and threatened, by the man. In researching the case, we discovered he had actually stolen his credentials. The health plan had failed uncover the fraud in their review of his credentials, exposing our client—and, it turned out, 27 others—to his criminal actions. Without our intervention, he would potentially still be victimizing patients.


Amusement park

Reiff & Bily Difference
Our client shattered his ankle on a slide at a waterpark, due to rubbery, gripping water shoes he bought there just half an hour earlier. Our expert was able to show exactly how the shoes were responsible for the injury. We made it clear how cynical the park was in continuing to sell the shoes even though they were dangerous on the attractions. (In fact their own lifeguards weren’t wearing the shoes.) As a result the jury came back after just 3 hours to ask: “Is there any limit to what we can award?”

$4.375 Million

Medical malpractice

The Reiff & Bily difference
Our Mennonite client formerly worked full time, then used all his savings and vacation to go do hurricane relief and other good works around the world.

In his 70s, still working, he fell on the job one day, cracking the back of his head. He was taken to the ER, but even though he was on blood thinners and had other risk factors, he was given no CAT or MRI scan. Because of the bleeding in his brain, over hours, he suffered extensive brain damage which put him in a wheelchair for the next 10 years.

His case had been badly mishandled by his first attorneys, who had failed to get him any relief over 8 years. When we took it over, we made the suffering of this stoic family plain to the jury, and achieved a much more just result.

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