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Amusement parks, theme parks, and quasi-amusement parks such as carnivals and hayrides are a favorite form of entertainment in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. But while these parks are typically safe for visitors, amusement park accidents can cause catastrophic injuries such as broken bones, whiplash, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and paralysis. In extreme instances, amusement park accidents can even lead to the wrongful death of a patron.  These accidents can be overwhelmingly difficult physically, emotionally, and financially to the victims and their families.

The amusement park lawyers at Reiff & Bily understand how traumatic these injuries can be, and are here to help your family fight for justice and fair compensation.  Our attorneys have over 34 years of experience, and we have been featured in major media outlets including USA Today, US News, and World Report. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and are dedicated to aggressive legal advocacy on behalf of injury victims throughout Pennsylvania.

To start discussing your accident in a free and private legal consultation, call our law offices at (800) 861-6708 today.

Should You Talk to an Amusement Park Representative?

Most amusement park, hayride, and carnival owners or representatives will not settle a claim unless a lawsuit is filed.  In fact, many amusement park owners aggressively fight catastrophic injury claims in order to discourage others from filing injury claims. In other instances, representatives may try to settle as quickly and cheaply as possible before the victim realizes what their claim is truly worth. 

It is critically important that you contact an experienced attorney before signing any documents or making any statements to a park owner or representative.  Simply put, the park’s initial offer is not likely to cover or account for certain damages such as ongoing medical needs or future losses. 

Several factors may indicate fault and liability in amusement park accidents:

Amusement parks and ride manufacturers have a duty to fabricate and operate rides safely. Unfortunately, issues such as product liability and operator negligence can cause serious accidents. If an operator or manufacturer breaches safety guidelines, the individual or business entity responsible may be liable for any deaths or injuries which result. Common risks and issues include:

  • Improper machine operation due to lack of proper training or operator misbehavior.
  • Mechanical failures, structural flaws, and design defects.
  • Inadequate security measures.
  • Failure to post warning notices.
  • Lack of or improper maintenance procedures.
  • Loose cables or malfunctioning
  • Malfunctioning lap bars and safety lock failures.
  • Sharp and protruding parts.
  • Improper height or weight restrictions.
  • Abrupt starts and stops.
  • Improper loading and unloading procedures.
  • Improper assembly or installation.
  • Failure to shut off or come to an emergency stop.
  • Inadequate lighting.
  • Electrical shorts and failures.
  • Exposed electrical wires

Injury Statistics:

Over 270 million people visit amusement parks every year, yet surprisingly, there is no official source that keeps a complete record of all park-related accidents.  While there is a sample of hospitals which track information about amusement park injuries, this survey does not include incidents from some of the nation’s most popular theme parks, such as several Florida establishments which account for 20% of all U.S. amusement park businesses. 

The Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that the number of serious injuries caused by amusement park rides is on the rise. This phenomenon is largely due to a lack of reliable and up to date data and statistics about amusement park accidents and injuries. 

Ultimately, accident data for most amusement parks is a closely-guarded secret. Many times strict private settlements are requested. The amusement park industry is poorly regulated, and there is no  uniform system in place for reporting injuries.  Innocent consumers have no way of accessing reliable and consistent data, which creates a real risk for families and their precious children.

Contact a Skilled Pennsylvania Amusement Park Lawyer Today!

Wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases are often very complicated.  If you were seriously hurt in an amusement park accident, or if someone you love passed away due to their injuries, it is critical that you contact an attorney for help. The amusement park attorneys of Reiff & Bily will analyze the evidence and investigate your situation thoroughly to determine matters of liability, and can advise you regarding the legal strategies which may be available to you and your family.  

If you or someone you care about has been injured at an amusement park, hayride, carnival, or water park, contact Reiff and Bily immediately at (800) 861-6708 for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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