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Government statistics, unfortunately, show a spike in the number of accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. If you have been hit by a car or truck while walking, running, or bicycling, the Philadelphia-based lawyers of Reiff & Bily have the training, education, and experience required to successfully represent adults, seniors, and children who have been injured in Pennsylvania pedestrian accidents. One of our founding partners, Jeffrey Reiff has more than 35 years of experience representing accident victims.

If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident or a pedestrian hit-and-run, it is imperative that you retain the services of an accident lawyer who will fight aggressively and strategically for you. One of our experienced Philadelphia pedestrian accident attorneys can discuss your legal options and what you can expect from the process. To schedule a free and confidential personal injury consultation, call the lawyers of Reiff & Bily at 800-681-6708 today.

When Do Most Pedestrian Accidents Occur?

Many people want to know what scenarios present the greatest risk of a serious pedestrian accident. While most accidents and deaths occurred when the pedestrian was entering a crosswalk, crossing the road, or otherwise  walking or running near where a car or truck is being driven. Accidents involving both pedestrians and vehicles are unfortunately common and a major cause of all pedestrian accidents.

As for the time of day when pedestrian accidents are most common, one could make a logical argument for both accidents during the day and for accidents at night. During the day, one would argue that a greater volume of vehicles and pedestrians makes an accident of this type more likely. By contrast, one could also conceivably argue that the reduced visibility at night combined with a greater likelihood of individuals to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs would result in more nighttime accidents. However, statistics do reveal that the volume of pedestrian accidents is higher during the day than at night.

Who is Most at Risk of Suffering an Injury While Walking or Running?

The elderly (over age 60), teenagers, and children are at risk of sustaining the most serious injuries or dying in pedestrian accidents. As stated above, most injuries and deaths occur during the day. In fact, nearly 50% of pedestrian accident deaths happen between 3 and 4 PM on weekdays when children are returning home from school.

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The risk of suffering a pedestrian accident injury exists regardless of whether one lives in the country, suburbs, or in the city. However, the risk is typically most pronounced in busy urban centers where large vehicles, such as SEPTA buses, must drive in close proximity to pedestrians. Thus, Center City Philadelphia is often a hotspot for pedestrian accidents. Likewise, accidents involving pedestrians are all too common on Roosevelt Boulevard and other major roads in the area.

How Can Driver Negligence Cause a Pedestrian Accident?

Driver attentiveness and behavior is one of the factors most closely associated with pedestrian accidents. Drivers who fail to keep their eyes on the road and scanning for people walking along the street or crossing the road can very easily cause serious collisions. If the driver is also speeding or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, this risk is even more pronounced. Other aggressive driving behaviors such as racing to beat a yellow light, making illegal turns or U-turns, and failure to yield at a crosswalk are also behaviors closely associated with serious pedestrian accidents.

Can Underride Guards Minimize Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities?

While rear-impact underride guards are mandated on a number of 18 wheeler and large truck types, there is generally no requirement for vehicles to come equipped with side underride guard. This state of regulation exists despite the fact that both rear and side underride guards have been proven effective at mitigating potential injuries sustained by pedestrians in an accident.

According to one U.K. based study cited in a report written by the National Research Council of Canada, appropriate deployment of side underride guards reduced fatalities by 61 percent in a population of cyclists. The deployment of these underride guards also resulted in a 12.8 drop in the number of cyclists who were seriously injured in a crash. Furthermore, the deployment of the same underride guard reduced pedestrian fatalities by one-fifth.

Studies have shown that side underride guards are particularly effective at mitigating injuries suffered in accidents involving 18 wheelers, large trucks, and large buses. The side underride guards cannot blunt the force of the initial impact, but they do work to channel the individual away from the bus or truck’s wheels. The wheels of the vehicle are frequently responsible for grisly crushing injuries that can shatter bones and destroy vital organs.

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Work With Dedicated Pedestrian Injury Lawyers Serving Philadelphia and Beyond

If you are a pedestrian that has been injured by a negligent motorist, you can file a pedestrian accident claim in Pennsylvania or a lawsuit against the driver. However, before filing a lawsuit it is essential to determine if you have a legal claim and can obtain the evidence you need to prove your claim.

Proving physical, cognitive, or emotional injuries can be challenging, which is why you need an experienced law firm that has the resources and knowledge to handle these types of injury cases. Reiff & Bily is committed to protecting our clients’ rights. While all matters are independent and past success does not guarantee future results, our solid record of accomplishment demonstrates our ability to strategically represent clients with complex injury claims and lawsuits and recover compensation for them.

The Philadelphia-based personal injury lawyers at Reiff & Bily work on a contingent fee basis, charging a small percentage of the recovery in a matter or case. We do not get paid unless there is a successful recovery. We have had handled thousands of pedestrian-related and automobile accident cases and have successfully recovered in excess of $200 million dollars from our opponents for physical injuries and emotional damages for our clients.

To schedule your free case evaluation with a Reiff & Bily pedestrian accident attorney, call 1-800-861-6708 or contact us online.

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