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Our Attorneys Strategically Litigate Class Action Lawsuits in Pennsylvania

The attorneys at Reiff & Bily take the lead in strategically crafting and pursuing class action lawsuits. Our experienced team of lawyers thoroughly consider both the legal and practical implications before moving forward with a suit.  Because a class action must be certified by the court to move forward, selecting an experienced firm able to deftly navigate through both legal and public relations concerns is essential.

Trusted, Experienced Attorneys for Complex, Multifaceted Litigation

A class-action lawsuit is a type of legal action that allows a representative plaintiff or plaintiffs to pursue a lawsuit on the behalf of a larger impacted group. A class action allows a large number of people to seek redress in a single lawsuit.  To successfully pursue a class action, courts have held there to be four main requirements:
  1.  Number – Stated briefly, the number of those affected, or class members, must be so numerous as to make joinder “impractical”.
  2. Common question – The court must find that that there is the same legal question at issue or both matters arose from the same set of facts.
  3. Typicality – The class representatives must pursue similar legal claims or invoke similar defenses.
  4. Protection – The court must determine that the interests of the entire class are adequately protected by the representative plaintiffs.  
These requirements only scratch the surface of the legal, technical and practical challenges that must be met to successfully pursue a class action suit.  Additionally, a judge must be convinced that the failure to maintain a class action would result in uncertainty or harm or impede the ability of the other members to protect their interests A judge looks to these, and additional factors when determining whether to certify the class and allow the suit to move forward.

The Potential Benefits of a Class Action

The benefits of filing a class-action lawsuit are many. Some benefits reported by our lawyers include:
  • Get Noticed.  A class action can represent the interests or express the grievances of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. An expanding class can cause damages to rapidly escalate getting your issue noticed by even large corporations.
  • Pursue small issues that impact many.  Have you paid ticket retailers unexplained “convenience fees”?  Suffered from unreported uncomfortable or embarrassing medication side effects? On its own your claim may have been too small to pursue, but a class action may offer a path to justice.
  • Consolidate resources.  The pursuit of a lawsuit in a class action permits the plaintiffs and interested parties to consolidate their resources into a single case. 
  • Conserve judicial resources.  Class action lawsuits are an essential tool of the modern judiciary.  Class actions conserve resources and promote certainty and finality by litigating shared factual or legal questions in a single forum.
Class-action lawsuits can be particularly well-suited for Pennsylvania products liability case. In fact, a significant amount of class-action lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania target a business, its products or its practices.

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Reiff & Bily offers respected class action representation in Philadelphia. Our experienced class action practice guides your lawsuit through the courts eachstep of the way .  To see if a class action lawsuit is appropriate for your legal issue, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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