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15 Passenger Van and Single Vehicle Rollover Lawyers

15-passenger vans are notorious for rollover accidents including the incidents that continue to plague school & church vans. Since 1990, vehicles of this type have caused more than 400 deaths. Learn More.

“I wanted to thank you and your entire staff for basically saving and changing my life and giving me a new start on everything….” read more

We are severe personal injury lawyers

If you needed emergency surgery, were helicoptered out, suffered broken bones, lost consciousness—if a family member suffered wrongful death—these are the kinds of cases we take on and win.

Many of these kinds of injuries turn out to cause long-term problems you may not foresee right now. Don’t let anyone tell you “this is the best you can hope for” if you have suffered a severe injury. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can assess that for you. Contact us now to talk about your case.

We’ve won hundreds of millions for clients like you

Many cases that we got big awards for were cases other lawyers said were hopeless. Or cases where insurance agents told our clients they could only expect to get a few thousand dollars.

We take cases we believe in. So we invest in research. We find the hidden memos. And we fight to get you the justice, and large awards, you deserve.

And we take care of you in the meantime

You have enough to worry about while you grieve and heal. So we help you make hard decisions, find and get the care you need, handle details like bills and insurance.

We also keep you informed at each step. Your calls are answered and returned within hours, if not minutes. It’s never a problem to talk with your lawyer, because you’re not “interrupting” us. Your case is our case. We want to talk with you.

This is one firm where you’re not kept at arm’s length. We embrace our clients’ problems as our own.

All while we’re fighting to get you the award you deserve.